Leylah Fernandez recognizes Serena Williams’ greatness.

2021 US Open runner-up Leylah Fernandez has spoken openly about her excitement at the return of “big legend” Serena Williams, saying that she hopes to play the American at least once before she quits. Twelve months passed with no sign that Williams, now 40, would be able to play at Wimbledon.

“I was ecstatic. The tennis world is a poorer place without her. According to Tennis365, Fernandez said, “She’s a big legend.” To see her back on the court, competing and giving it her all and still fighting is truly inspiring.

Both amateurs and pros, I know, look up to her as an inspiration. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get to play alongside her before she retires. Let’s hope it isn’t too soon. Wishful thinking has me anticipating a match against her. All I want is to be able to say that I challenged Serena Williams to a match.

She is simply legendary.

That’s why Fernandez wants to face Williams.

Just under two weeks from now, in Washington, Fernandez will make his return from an injury that has kept him sidelined since the French Open. To quote the speaker: “It was challenging. When it first happened, I was devastated.

I was hoping it was just a sprain or a pinched nerve or a muscle in my foot, and that it would heal in a few weeks, but a stress fracture has set us back even further,” Fernandez said. Williams and Fernandez have both registered to compete in the National Bank Open in Toronto.

If everything goes according to plan, Fernandez will get her first crack at Williams in front of her home fans in Toronto.

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Leylah Fernandez recognizes Serena Williams’ greatness.
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