Rafael Nadal future coach? The Spanish champion’s resounding response

In a recent interview with ‘Talent on Board’ magazine, Rafael Nadal spoke candidly about his time on the ATP tour and his plans for the future once he retires from professional tennis.

Speaking about how different athletes approach their sports, the Spaniard said, “For me it’s not about playing well or hitting the ball very hard. A few lucky souls have the ability to both hit hard and not miss.

Like any other sport, the point of tennis is to come out on top. According to him, “the one with the most talent wins,” and that’s why the academy works to improve every player’s skills.

According to the Iberian, “Mental strength is one of the most important elements for competition,” which is why only a select few athletes ever become champions. Since I was a kid, I’ve been working out with my uncle Toni to increase my strength.

That work continued later in my career, and the tournaments themselves ratcheted it up a notch.

Rafa is prepared to make his comeback to Montreal on American cement after his injury at Wimbledon.

The Majorcan mentioned the circuit’s overall value, saying, “The level is very high,” during the interview. Athletes today could benefit greatly from the guidance of professionals such as nutritionists, psychologists, and of course, coaches.

“Sport is my passion and I will practice it whenever my body allows me to,” he said. “I am sure that one day I will be a former elite player, but I will always remain an athlete.”

In addition, Nadal was asked a “uncomfortable” follow-up question: “Future coach?” As a coach, perhaps I am not the best fit for a tennis player…. I haven’t given it much thought yet,” he admitted, leaving the door open for this possibility.

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Rafael Nadal future coach? The Spanish champion’s resounding response

By Antonio Zaccaro

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