“They are ridiculous”: Ivanisevic is on a rampage with the Atp, what a defense to Novak Djokovic!

A few days ago, Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon, giving him 21 Grand Slam singles titles to Roger Federer’s 20. The defending champion from Serbia has had a rough year thus far, missing the Australian Open and possibly also the US Open and all American tournaments.

Coach and former tennis champion Goran Ivanisevic is at the tournament in Umag, where he gave an interesting interview to the microphones of Croatian media gol.dnevnik.hr while Novak Djokovic is on vacation and having fun with capoeira: “Beginning with the tragedy in Australia, this year has been challenging and sad.

The Atp’s decision to withhold point awards at the most recent Wimbledon, in my view, was absurd “Ivanisevic and Nole have worked together for some time, probably beginning some time in 2019. Specifically, Goran elaborated on Wimbledon by saying, “The fact that I have won more Grand Slam titles as a coach than I did as a player is something I never would have predicted.

In addition, I anticipate further Grand Slam victories for Djokovic. His ultimate objective is to win games, but he must first be given the opportunity to play.”

Laughs at Novak Djokovic’s expense from Ivanisevic

While fielding questions from reporters, Goran Ivanisevic joked about Nole possibly playing in the US Open but made it clear that he is not optimistic about the participation of the Serbian champion: “Is Djokovic going to win the US Open? If Tomislav (the tournament director) invites me, I feel more confident in my chances at winning the Umag tournament.”

Following that, Ivanisevic commented on Djokovic’s Wimbledon victory: “He required it. When it counted, he showed everyone why he is the best grass-court tennis player in the world.” In closing, Goran addressed the Slam bout “Before I ever coached Nole, I predicted that Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal would win more Grand Slam titles than Roger Federer. There is absolutely no hope for anyone if they are sani.”

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“They are ridiculous”: Ivanisevic is on a rampage with the Atp, what a defense to Novak Djokovic!

By Antonio Zaccaro

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