Truth about Laure Robson’s early retirement is revealed.

Laure Robson, the 2008 Wimbledon girls’ singles champion, said it was difficult to accept her retirement. Robson, then 28 years old, said she was quitting tennis in May. Robson was once hailed as one of the game’s brightest young stars, but injuries derailed her career before she could realize her full potential.

Robson dealt with a slew of injuries throughout the 2014 and 2015 seasons, ultimately requiring hip surgery in 2018. Robson made three 2019 ITF appearances before announcing her retirement in May. Robson said it took him “a couple of months to say it out loud” to Tennis365.

“The only reason I even considered saying that was because I was invited to play in Wimbledon’s invitational tournament. That would have been a strange event to participate in while still technically inactive for retirement purposes. Thanks to this, I was finally able to release it into the world, where I believe it is sorely needed.

The closure has allowed me to be more forthright and optimistic. It’s strange to be a retiree at the age of 28, but that’s the way it is.

Advancing Robson toward the summit

Just a few short months before her incredible run to the US Open championship, Emma Raducanu completed her A-levels.

Robson is pleased to see that young players are now being groomed in a wider variety of skills. The “one pathway that you can do it” no longer exists, as Robson put it. “Emma was seen completing her A-levels, which was a major accomplishment in her life.

Previously, the focus was solely on how well one performed. Now we’re training a much more well-rounded athlete than ever before. If they are training hard and focusing on the right things, they may not reach their full potential until their mid-20s, meaning that being exceptional at age 13 is less important now. Just get there safely and everything will be fine.

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Truth about Laure Robson’s early retirement is revealed.
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