Wimbledon’s consistent response to Andrey Rublev’s overtures, as revealed by Rublev himself.

According to Andrey Rublev, Russian tennis players had offered to team up with their Ukrainian counterparts to play in mixed doubles at Wimbledon before the AELTC banned them. At the beginning of March, it was reported in British newspapers that Russian players could be barred from competing at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon ultimately decided to ban all Russian and Belarusian players the following month. The Russian tennis players all agreed that the Wimbledon ruling was unfair. The Russian tennis player who made the most noise about Wimbledon’s “total discrimination against Russian players” was Andrey Rublev.

Rublev: Even though we offered solutions, Wimbledon still banned us.

Rublev said, per Tennishead, that the two options presented were playing mixed doubles with Ukrainians or not coming for the medals.

We wanted to demonstrate that there is no fighting in tennis by winning the championship. This is when it matters the most. Everyone is putting in extra time and effort at other tournaments so that they can perform at their best at the four Grand Slams.

When I heard I was being suspended, naturally I was upset. I put all my money into my career and then I can’t even do it. That’s very disheartening. There were multiple attempts by Rublev to contact Wimbledon, but he was always met with the same response: “the Russian government would use your results for their propaganda.”

It was always the same answer: the Russian government was going to use our results for propaganda, even though I could send the right message as a tennis player. Therefore, no matter what I would say, the response would be the same.

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I didn’t see their point of view,” Rublev said. According to recent British media reports, Russian players may experience the same fate at Wimbledon next year. The decision to ban Russian players from this year’s tournament cost Wimbledon dearly, as neither the ATP nor the WTA awarded any points to players who competed in the Wimbledon tournament.

Wimbledon’s consistent response to Andrey Rublev’s overtures, as revealed by Rublev himself.
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