“A historic day”: Atp, added 2 more Italian tournaments after Rome

Italy will play host to three ATP tournaments this year, including Rome, which will feature the best players in the world. Capital is joined on the ATP schedule by Naples and Florence.” Thrilling information!

The ATP 250 Tennis Tournament returns to Florence after a 28-year hiatus “The Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, made the announcement in this manner on his social media pages.

From October 10-16, the stunning Palazzo Wanny will host the UniCredit Firenze Open.

It will arrive in time for the tennis players to catch a flight from the Tuscan capital to the Campanian capital, where another ATP 250 tournament will get underway on October 17. The singles tournament will feature 36 competitors and the doubles tournament will feature 16 teams, both competing on green set courts.

Florence’s mayor mentioned at the press conference for the tournament’s presentation in Palazzo Vecchio that the city last hosted an ATP event in 1994, during the 22nd edition of the CT Florence tournament.

This year, the Unicredit Firenze Open can be watched live and for free on Super Tennis, a channel carried by FIT on Digital Terrestrial and Sky.

For our tennis, Binaghi says, “Good news.”

ATP’s decision to give FIT two tournaments to organize is “further recognition of the organizational capabilities of our Federation,” says FIT president Angelo Binaghi.

The article continues, “We have taken the opportunity to propose the candidacy of two cities such as Florence and Naples, which are known worldwide for their tourist attractions, but with these tournaments, they are also increasingly asserting themselves as destinations for a growing phenomenon, sports tourism.”

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This is a momentous occasion for Italy, which boasts three cities on the ATP tour schedule (Rome, Naples, and Florence) and has nothing to be jealous of.

Now that hosting multiple ATP events on home soil is a reality, why stop there? Why not also imagine hosting a beautiful blue hat trick?

“A historic day”: Atp, added 2 more Italian tournaments after Rome
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