According to Carlos Alcaraz, “there is something more important than being a great athlete.”

In the press conference before his debut against the German Khun, he discussed his relationship with the fans and the lessons he is learning from coach Ferrero “I appreciate the young men who look up to me and consider me a role model.

For the time being, being a good person is far more important to me than being a great athlete. Since I, too, used to be a fan who begged athletes for pictures when I was young, I make it a point to greet every fan who approaches me for an autograph or a photo with a friendly expression.”

‘There is something more important,’ Carlos Alcaraz emphasized.

A few lessons from his coach Ferrero he’s been able to put to use: “Evidently the inverse is true. He also instructed me to maintain the same level of focus for the full two hours of play.

In terms of drop shots, they are a hobby of mine that I’ve had since I was a kid.” Alcaraz demonstrates his resilience by responding calmly to intense pressure: “I have clear objectives and don’t give much consideration to external influences.

I play each game with the intention of improving my skills and gaining valuable experience. I don’t worry about what other people think of me as a player because I play for myself, my team, and my family. So, I set it aside for the time being “crowned this year’s Miami and Madrid 1000 champion, a talented Spaniard.

The talented Iberian tennis player will begin his tournament against Khun at the 500 in Hamburg. The Spanish hope to win and bring home their third title of the season on clay.

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According to Carlos Alcaraz, “there is something more important than being a great athlete.”
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