After the Big Three, what’s next? Rafael Nadal explains.

Rafael Nadal claims he is not worried about the future of tennis after the Big Three have retired, as he is sure that a new generation of talented players will emerge and write their names in the record books. Many tennis fans rank Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic as the top three players of all time.

It is widely anticipated that the Big Three will add to their combined total of 63 Grand Slam titles before calling it quits. Some worry that tennis’s popularity will decline after the retirement of the Big Three, who have left such an indelible mark on the sport.

“Successive generations in tennis have come and gone throughout the sport’s history. It is natural for great stars to be succeeded by others. Perhaps it’s just because we’ve been at the top for so long, but I have no doubt that the newcomers will eventually come to dominate “In a chat with Talento a bordo, Nadal made the following statement.

Nadal discusses the significance of having a strong mind.

One of the greatest athletes of all time, Nadal has won a record 22 Grand Slam titles. Though Nadal’s natural ability is undeniable, the Spaniard’s remarkable success can also be attributed to his formidable mental fortitude on the court.

“Competing successfully requires a variety of skills, one of which is a robust mental game. Since I was a kid, I’ve been training with my uncle Toni to get stronger both physically and mentally. Then, as my career progressed, I kept up the same level of work, which got harder as a result of increased competition “The tennis star Nadal said.

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Nadal, meanwhile, has been practicing hard since Monday in anticipation of the National Bank Open in Montreal, which begins on August 7. When Nadal faced Nick Kyrgios in the Wimbledon semifinals, he had to give Kyrgios a walkover, but he is expected to be fine for the start of the summer hard court swing.

Nadal has won the National Bank Open five times; whether he can make it six at this year’s Canadian Masters is an open question.

After the Big Three, what’s next? Rafael Nadal explains.

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