An emeritus professor has spoken out about the political motivations behind Novak Djokovic’s suspension in Australia.

Former UN Assistant Secretary-General Ramesh Thakur claimed that politics were the only factor in Novak Djokovic’s exclusion from Australia. Djokovic, 35, was met by the Australian Border Force upon his arrival in Melbourne, despite having been given a special exemption to compete in the Australian Open.

Djokovic was ordered deported from Australia by a judge after having his visa revoked twice. An article for Brownstone Institute by Thakur, now an Emeritus Professor at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, outlined the rationale behind the decision to bar Djokovic from competing in the Australian Open earlier this year.

“As a BBC analysis made clear, that decision was neither medical nor legal but political. The court reversed the entry ban for both procedural and substantive reasons. The government sidestepped the law by relying on ministerial discretion that had been made intentionally nonjusticiable.

The minister acknowledged that Djokovic posed “a negligible individual risk of transmitting COVID-19” to others, but still came to the conclusion that his presence could fuel anti-vaccination sentiment in Australia due to Djokovic’s “well-known stance on vaccination.” “Thakur contributed to Brownstone Institute’s publication.

As for Thakur, he says Djokovic’s presence was not in the public’s best interest.

If Djokovic were to win the Australian Open without having been vaccinated, Professor Thakur argued, that would be a blow to the vaccine propaganda in Australia. ” Therefore, it was not in the public’s best interest for him to take part.

Djokovic was barred from entering Australia not because he posed a health risk to locals, but rather because he represents the failure of vaccines. The government was terrified that a twice-infected but unvaccinated Djokovic, showcasing his athletic prowess on the court to a record 21st Majors victory, would bring a shuddering halt to the continually escalating COVID terror “A point that Thakur made in his writing.

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After being kicked out of Australia, Djokovic received a three-year travel ban. But last week Djokovic said he hopes to be in Australia in January, so anything is possible.

An emeritus professor has spoken out about the political motivations behind Novak Djokovic’s suspension in Australia.

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