Benoit Paire’s harsh words to his ex-girlfriend: “Just keep quiet”

She claims she needs alone time to focus on sports, but I’ve discovered she’s been secretly texting a number of attractive female coworkers. Normally I am silent, but I feel like I have to say something now. I want nothing more to do with this person “in an unmistakable allusion to Paire.

Tough words from Benoit Paire directed at an ex-girlfriend.

Paire, especially in the recent past, has struggled with a number of mental health issues, all of which have negatively impacted his focus and dedication on the court. The French tennis player shared an insightful analysis of his predicament across social media, clarifying his earlier impressions.

Specifically, he elaborated: “Every day since the start of this season, I’ve had to battle with my own thoughts. To be honest, I can’t recall a time since Covid when I felt truly content. Due to my high levels of emotional vulnerability, I have taken the blows of life more personally than most.

Yes, I do recognize the necessity of assistance. In an effort to make sense of things, I am currently participating in therapy with a psychologist and a mental coach. As of yet, it hasn’t helped, but I know I need to break free.” Then, Paire shifted his attention to the social hatred that is always thrust upon an athlete’s shoulders: “Because I enjoy reading all the messages, I will warn you that you will still receive many negative ones, even after a win.

How much acclimation have I experienced? Day-to-day execution is challenging. If you’re already feeling under the weather, getting messages from trolls or people who bet you and lost two euros because of your loss is the last thing you need.”