Ex-world no. 1 tennis player’s “gold-digger” wife publicly shames him on his birthday for keeping a phony son a secret.

Ilie Nastase, the original ATP world number one, was publicly reprimanded by his younger wife Ioana for missing a birthday celebration. The Romanian tabloid Cancan covered the entire incident. Ilie was forewarned by Ioana Năstase that she is prepared to vanish from his life.

Let the cameras roll, I want this documented!” I need the two strangers who appeared in the middle of the night to show up. That couple just appeared out of nowhere. Overnight, this Mr. Cezar Florea materialized! Honey, listen up… They arrived before us.

You may be wondering, “Where did they come from in your life?” This happened after a stranger claimed to be the son of the great champion. How did that gentleman get here? The guy claims to be your son. Is Nastase part of his name? He poses as your fake son!

I was wondering if Mr. Nastase was actually his name. After that, I’m going to retire. Finally, Ioana Năstase said, “I retire, and I wish you a beautiful life!” before leaving.

What happened, according to Nastase’s wife

Nastase’s wife was contacted by the Romanian news outlet Click.ro to comment on the scandal.

It’s like, “What son?! Ilie told me that about two months ago, he came up to him, put his hand on his shoulder, and said, “Ilie, my father has died!” Today marks the day I adopt you as my father. But I also have a valid point to make: why doesn’t this man visit a mental institution and adopt an elderly patient to raise as a son? As to why Ilie, exactly? Just because I’m not the type to talk to the media doesn’t mean I have to!

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When Ilie and I last saw this man, I was ill and he took me to the hospital in an ambulance. I was sitting there and they just grabbed me! There was something about that guy that made me physically ill. I stand in their way and do what I can to safeguard Ilie’s wellbeing.

Ilie doesn’t let anyone into his life who needs to put on their shoes. This guy is a master manipulator, even better than Ilie. Inside his mind, he made grandiose assurances. Ilie insisted that we celebrate his birthday in Iasi, Romania, with him.

Once we reached Bucharest again, I had no idea that this man had organized a press conference. They finished up all of the work without my knowledge. The woman who called me said, “You know where Ilie is now; you know who he is with.” The man and his mistress planned a conference together.

Once I arrived at my destination via taxi, the man immediately fled. Even Ilie claimed he wasn’t there. I was infuriated! They were essentially trying to avoid me by staying out of sight. I have a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen. I’m in danger of being killed off by him. Because of my responsibilities to my family, including a child and a grandson, taking this chance is difficult for me.

Why would I put myself in harm’s way? I told the guy, “From now on, do what you want with Ilie. Let him go where you want. I leave him.” Very well, he says. Ilie isn’t the same since this new guy showed up. As he constantly chats with this other man, he never returns my calls.

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In their relationship, he outlasts me. Ioana Nastase said for Click.ro, “I got tired of fighting with all the hyenas around him.” His wife Ioana is 30 years younger than him, but Ilie Nastase is now 76.

Ex-world no. 1 tennis player’s “gold-digger” wife publicly shames him on his birthday for keeping a phony son a secret.
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