Former tennis pro and mentor to Serena Williams says he has no doubts that an American woman can once again claim the

If Serena Williams wants to, she can win a Grand Slam again, according to her former coach, Rick Macci. Williams, at age 40, returned to tennis after an absence of a year, shocking fans with his appearance at Wimbledon. Williams lost in the first round of Wimbledon to Harmony Tan in three sets, marking her first loss in a singles match in over a year.

She needs to put in a lot of work and be in incredible shape if she wants to do it, Macci told Tennis-Infinity. “You keep your talent but decline in health. Once you begin competing again, your self-assurance will return.

She ought to just jump in and learn to take victories and defeats in stride. She is the greatest rival we have ever seen in any female sporting event. When Serena gets a hold of you, she doesn’t let go. It’s no exaggeration to say that she’s a fierce competitor with a devastating serve.

She still has the ability to serve fifteen aces per game. I have no doubt that she can achieve her goals if she sets her mind to them and gives it her all.”

Macci: Williams has a chance to win back the number one spot.

Williams currently has no ranking because she was sidelined for an entire year and did not earn any points for this year’s Wimbledon competition.

Williams’ 319 weeks at number one are the third-most of any player in WTA history. “When I first met her, at the age of ten, I could tell that this girl was wired differently. She’s perfect the way she is. Now that she’s a mom, I realize that her time is much more limited.

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But she can come back any time she likes if she really wants to do this. It’s a question only she can answer, but in my opinion she has the talent to not only win Grand Slams, but also to be ranked as the best player in the world “Macci included. Williams is scheduled to play in WTA1000 tournaments in Montreal and Cincinnati before wrapping up her US summer at the US Open.

Former tennis pro and mentor to Serena Williams says he has no doubts that an American woman can once again claim the
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