“I like it when he does it”: Maxime Cressy surprises everyone about Rafael Nadal

A first-time ATP tournament champion, Maxime Cressy claimed victory in Newport. In a final that was especially controversial due to statements made after the award ceremony, the U.S. player won in three sets on his home grass against Alexander Bublik.

“You have been extremely fortunate. Now go gamble your hard-earned money away at the roulette table. Successfully navigating this game will bring you great rewards “Consequently, they launched an assault on the Kazakhs. The winner immediately replied, “I apologize for being so lucky.”

Controversy aside, the Newport winner also talked about his future goals: in particular, that of becoming world number one. “I believe that being in the top 30 and having won this title will help reinforce my conviction that I have what it takes to become world No. 1. I have made tremendous strides in the rankings over the past two years.

I hope to be an example to many players, which will bring renewed significance to the online gaming scene. It’d be great if more and more athletes decided to incorporate this strategy into their routine “declared the expert at serving and volleying.

Just on the subject of a game strategy that Cressy is the custodian of in this new tennis generation, the American took the opportunity to praise the Spanish number one: “I really like it when Rafael Nadal does it, and more and more frequently in recent times.”

Nadal in the finals

Maxime Cressy is competing in his third championship match of the year. The first was at the beginning of the year, when Rafael Nadal beat the American in the final set of the ATP 250 in Melbourne.

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“Even those contests gave us the chills. It was surreal to be on the court with Nadal; I kept asking myself, “Is this really happening?” One of the main reasons I lost to him was because of that “The first final, he said, was the hardest.

However, Cressy mentioned a different match when discussing the deciding points of the second final against Taylor Fritz in Eastbourne.

“I like it when he does it”: Maxime Cressy surprises everyone about Rafael Nadal

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