John Isner responds to Alexander Bublik’s attack on Maxime Cressy.

According to John Isner, Alexander Bublik’s comments following the Newport final were unimpressive, especially Isner’s assertion that a player “makes his own luck” on the court.

To claim his first ATP title, Isner’s compatriot Maxime Cressy prevailed over Bublik 2-6, 6-3, 7-6 (3) in the Newport final. At one point during their match, Bublik was up 6-2, 3-0 against the American, and it looked like he was going to win by a wide margin.

Later, Cressy staged a remarkable comeback to take the match in three sets. As the match concluded, Bublik made it clear that Cressy had been extremely fortunate. “You struck lucky.

Bet everything you have on the color red. The odds are in your favor, “During the on-court trophy presentation, Bublik shared this information with Cressy. Cressy’s response of “I apologize for being lucky” betrayed a certain amount of surprise on his part.

In response to Bublik’s criticism of Cressy, Isner

“You create your own good fortune. Max uses a strategy in his game that puts his opponents on the defensive. Gratulation on your first championship, “Isner expressed his thoughts on the matter.

If you want to be lucky, you have to create it for yourself. Max uses a strategy that puts his opponents on the defensive. Sending him congrats on his first title win. The following was posted on Twitter by John Isner on July 17, 2022:

Cressy bested three other American competitors on his way to victory in Newport.

Cressy won the semifinals by defeating Isner 6-2, 4-6, 6-3.

Cressy, who is now 25, debuted on the ATP Tour in 2017. Cressy made his ATP debut in Newport and won his first ATP title a year later, also in Newport.

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“I played my first ATP tournament here, and there is always such a great vibe, so it’s great to win my first title in such a dramatic fashion,” said Cressy.

There were many low points, but I am pleased with myself for sticking with it until the end.”

Cressy’s ranking has increased dramatically over the past year, and he is now 33rd in the world.

As one of the best American players, Cressy should be seeded at the U.S. Open.

John Isner responds to Alexander Bublik’s attack on Maxime Cressy.
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