Novak Djokovic, petition for Us Open starts: details

When it comes to playing in the biggest tournaments on the ATP circuit, Novak Djokovic is currently not in control of his own fate. Or, more accurately, he would be if he suddenly changed his mind and got vaccinated against Covid-19.

Since the Serb has denied the theory on multiple occasions, most recently, it is up to the governments of the various countries and the competitions themselves to implement the rules they deem most appropriate and decide, in all practicality, whether a champion of 21 Grand Slam titles and former world number one could participate in the sporting event or not.

Each metric’s relative importance has grown, which has attracted a slew of related industries. In the current case, Nole was definitely not treated well in Australia and was ultimately barred from playing in the Slam because of a real international case.

Some tournaments, like Roland Garros and the Internazionali Bnl d’Italia, have chosen not to enforce a vaccination policy, and there have been instances where those who have not been vaccinated have been allowed entry while Russian and Belarusian players have been denied.

In contrast to other countries, the United States of America has had a consistent policy on vaccines for international visitors since the year 2022. The result was that the Belgrade native was unable to compete in either the Indian Wells or Miami tournaments, and he now risks missing out on the Montreal, Cincinnati, and U.S. Open competitions as well (he reached the final in the 2021 edition).

Moving on to the petition

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Naturally, Serbian supporters aren’t taking this lying down and are making their voices heard in an effort to defend their team. A petition started under the initials “Nole Fam” on Change:org in recent hours after several favorable opinions to allow Djokovic to play the American tournaments (along with other opposing views) “In order for him to play, the U.S. government and Usta need to coordinate their efforts.

Djokovic, a legend of tennis, should be allowed to compete if unvaccinated Americans are “that which has been written. Over 23,000 people have signed the petition so far, and that number is expected to rise.

Novak Djokovic, petition for Us Open starts: details

By Antonio Zaccaro

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