Rennae Stubbs discusses Sergiy Stakhovsky’s endorsement of Daria Kasatkina’s sexuality.

Former doubles world No. 1 Rennae Stubbs was glad to see Sergiy Stakhovsky showing support to Daria Kasatkina but added she feels the Ukrainian needs to provide some more answers following his controversial comments about women’s tennis.

Stakhovsky was the subject of criticism after he made the following comments a few years ago: “Practically all of the women who compete on the WTA tour identify as lesbians. The thought of half of them is just too much to conceive of. Therefore, I will not be sending my daughter to a tennis lesson.” Russian tennis star Kasatkina, who is openly gay, came out this week.

Kasatkina shared a photo of herself and her girlfriend, Natalia Zabiiako, on Twitter. “It takes courage. You have my utmost respect for being so independent “Stakhovsky responded to Kasatkina’s post.

Stubbs wants to hear from Stakhovsky again.

“Does this mean that you regret the words you once said about not wanting your daughter to play tennis because of this very thing, Sergiy? To be clear, I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and that you are safe from the turmoil in your country “A retort from Stubbs.

Does this mean U’ll take back what you said about not wanting your daughter to play tennis because of this a few years ago, Sergiy? As much as it breaks my heart to hear about the turmoil in your country, I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are okay. R. Stubbs, Rennae Rennae Stubbs on Twitter: “OLY” on July 19, 2022

One of Russia’s most famous athletes, Kasatkina, has spoken out this week in favor of world peace and an end to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Kasatkina confirmed that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine does not directly affect her, but she does feel for the plight of the Ukrainian people.

“Hopes that the war will soon end. Since February 24 (when Russia invaded Ukraine), there hasn’t been a day that has gone by where I haven’t read some news or thought about the day passing, “Talking to Vitya Kravchenko, a blogger, Kasatkina made the following statement.

“In all honesty, I don’t feel any kind of connection to it (the war). God bless, I’ve felt almost nothing, what with Wimbledon and all. However, those who have family in Ukraine, especially when discussing Russia, can attest to the country’s unique charms. It’s impossible for me to fathom what they’re going through right now.

The worst nightmare imaginable has come true. I would do anything in my power to stop it right this second, but I know I can’t.”