The stringent health regulations for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Montreal are as follows.

The Masters 1000 in Montreal has announced the anti-Covid protocol that tennis players must adhere to in order to participate in the Canadian Open, after evaluating the progression of the pandemic in the last few hours.

First, a tampon test will be required of all athletes at one of the facilities outside the airport, even though they have all been vaccinated. In a matter of minutes, the tennis players will get an email with the test results.

And lastly, a ten-day isolation period is implemented if the swab comes back positive. The last rule is particularly problematic because it may cause players to miss the Cincinnati Masters 1000. In fact, no matter how healthy you are, you won’t be able to break your isolation for at least ten days.

On August 14, the day of the ATP final in Montreal, the Western & Southern Open will begin. If the tennis players fail their doping tests, they won’t be able to leave their isolation cell before the Cincinnati Masters 1000 begins.

Since Novak Djokovic has not been immunized, he will not be able to compete in Montreal.

Opening the hard court season will be the Masters 1000 in Montreal and the WTA tournament in Toronto. While Rafael Nadal’s participation seems assured at this point thanks to the Spaniard’s return to training following an abdominal injury sustained at Wimbledon, many questions remain concerning Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian champion was unable to compete in the two Masters 1000 events or the US Open due to the strict entry requirements of both countries. Canadian Health Minister: “You will have to roll up your sleeves and receive the vaccine to play with us” in reference to Novak Djokovic’s case.

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However, the Serbs have not competed in the Canadian tournament since 2019, as they are concentrating on the year’s final Grand Slam. When asked about his upcoming American season, Djokovic said: “Since I couldn’t care less about anything other than being a professional tennis player, I’ve never dabbled in politics or other similar endeavors.

I believe strongly in the right to do what one deems best for oneself. If I’m allowed to attend, that is. No big deal if I can’t make it, though.”

The stringent health regulations for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Montreal are as follows.
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