To paraphrase Roger Federer, “We spent a lot of time together doing…”

By 2022, Novak Djokovic had won Wimbledon. The Serb beat Nick Kyrgios in four sets to claim his seventh London grass crown (tying Pete Sampras) and his 21st Grand Slam victory overall (one more than Roger Federer and one Major behind Rafael Nadal).

Djokovic was able to take part in the ceremony organized to celebrate the centenary of the Center Court before facing off against Von Rijthoven in the fourth round, and he was asked to construct his ideal player from a list of retired tennis greats in a press conference.

Novak remarked, “It was a very special day. Participating in the ceremony is a privilege, and commemorating these landmark milestones is something that must be done. One hundred percent effective? The service is the first point of focus. It’s common for players over two meters tall to have an advantage.

A trio of Reilly Opelka, John Isner, and Ivo Karlovic were his picks. Their fifth-floor perch makes it tough to respond to their service. Despite his lack of height compared to Isner and Opelka, Nick Kyrgios has an outstanding serve.

Pete Sampras, for his incredible accuracy on his second serve. In today’s tennis, these types of players are capable of exerting significant pressure on your game. On the right, I can’t abandon Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Even though their right hand is different, they still rely heavily on this shot.

That’s why I’ve decided to switch Andy Murray and Jannik Sinner. Murray is my go-to return option, along with Andre Agassi. Equally impressive is Sinner’s responsiveness. It was a Bjorn Borg move. Although I have never faced him in a game, I have seen numerous videos of him and have discussed him with other players.

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In this regard, Roger is also unparalleled. Patrick Rafter and Stefan Edberg were the two best net players. I have to pick between Federer and Nadal in my head once more. Keep in mind that the current Covid regulations in the country could force Novak Djokovic to miss the US Open in 2022.

Away on vacation: Roger Federer

Roger Federer gave an informal interview to the Swiss newspaper Coopzeitung, focusing on his two sons and two daughters and the things they like to do together in their spare time. Although I haven’t yet instructed them in the finer points of card play, Uno seems to be a hit.

Two weeks of the pandemic were spent with my kids and I constructing a Lego version of the castle from Harry Potter. Then we put in a small table tennis set, and we spend a lot of time there, too.”

To paraphrase Roger Federer, “We spent a lot of time together doing…”

By Antonio Zaccaro

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