Vale, Gomes, Maia and Francisco Rocha advance in Idanha-a-Nova

This past Tuesday, Duarte Vale, Miguel Gomes, Hugo Maia, and Francisco Rocha all advanced to the second round of the ITF M25 of Idanha-a-Nova, the second consecutive event of this category in this central Brazilian city. For Duarte Vale, it’s just another win on a promising rookie season, but for Miguel Gomes, Hugo Maia, and Francisco Rocha, these are huge victories—just their second and third ATP points, respectively.

Gomes (1616th ATP) imposed himself in a fierce battle with Frenchman Robin Betrand in the first round, and Vale (568th ATP) defeated compatriot Martim Prata (unranked and currently competing in the American university circuit) in under an hour (575th and fifth seed). Hugo Maia (unranked) was up 4-0 on Tomás Lus (unranked) in a university match when the youngest… forfeited. Rocha (unranked but will recover it next week) took even longer, 2 hours and 51 minutes, to defeat Canadian Kelsey Stevenson (825th) by 6-7(0), 7-6(1) and 6-4.

This Tuesday, only Pedro Arajo will take the court in Idanha, as the other six Portuguese players in the singles main draw will compete on Wednesday.