After suffering a serious injury at the French Open, Alexander Zverev says he thought his career was over.

After suffering a horrific ankle injury at the French Open, German tennis star Alexander Zverev admits he feared the worst. After rolling his ankle badly in the second set of his French Open semifinal against Rafael Nadal, Zverev broke down in tears.

Suddenly, the Parisian crowd fell silent as Nadal crossed to the other side of the net to observe Zverev. Scans taken after the match confirmed what everyone watching could see: Zverev tore multiple ligaments in his ankle.

Zverev said on Sky Deutschland, “At first, of course, you think your career is over.” The sound of breaking has rendered your foot immobile. There is an existing fear at that time. For me, it was merely an unpleasant experience.

Even now, I don’t know who will win the match between Rafa and me. Then the final, against Caspar Ruud, I believe I [could have] won. Success at the Grand Slam level, reaching the top of the world rankings, and so on.

Zverev wished to win his first Grand Slam championship.

To win his first Grand Slam championship, Zverev came to the French Open with full intent.

Zverev said at the start of the competition that, at age 25, he has only one more chance to make a name for himself. He elaborated, “You can’t choose these things.” I mean, I hurt myself playing tennis; that’s something I can deal with.

One of my favorite hobbies is how I ended up hurt. And I tried to play my best against one of the best players in the world,” Zverev said. Zverev is doing well after his ankle surgery; he reported last week that he no longer needs crutches.

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Zverev hopes to be healthy enough to play in the US Open, the year’s final Grand Slam tournament, which begins on August 29.

After suffering a serious injury at the French Open, Alexander Zverev says he thought his career was over.
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