“How is it possible, Novak Djokovic has to play”: McEnroe warns the Us Open

John McEnroe addressed the Tennis 365 cameras and said the following: “To make sure Novak Djokovic can play in the US OPEN, we need to figure out a way for him to get there. There’s no way a champion with his credentials couldn’t enter the tournament. He recently took home the Wimbledon trophy.”

Then the retired tennis player elaborated.

McEnroe, speaking to Tennis 365 at an event to promote his new film, called it “crazy” to not include Djokovic in the upcoming Grand Slam tournament in the United States at the end of August.

Though he disagreed with Nole‘s decision not to get vaccinated, the former U.S. tennis player said, “We are saying that because of his choice, he cannot play in the U.S. Open.”

As soon as that was over, he pointed out that this would not be the first time the Serb had been disqualified from a Grand Slam event “Like, really. For the same reason, he was previously expelled from Australia.” McEnroe doesn’t have any ill will toward the United States Tennis Association (our FIT for short), either.

During his conversation with Tennis 365, he repeated, “There is zero justification at this time to prevent Djokovic from competing in the 2022 U.S. Open. The United States Tennis Association and the United States Government must coordinate so that he can play.”

Plus, once more “The United States should allow unvaccinated athletes to compete if they are healthy enough to do so. Let Djokovic join in the fun, too. He is considered a sporting great. US Tennis Association, please make this a reality.”

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The Movie About McEnroe

John McEnroe, a tennis legend, is also infamous for his controversial behavior on and off the court.

A histrionic and complicated character but also brilliant and inimitable as a playing technique. His legacy will be one of the most fondly remembered in sports history. The recent documentary McEnroe v. Borg paid tribute to his athletic career by chronicling one of the greatest sporting rivalries of all time between him and Bjorn Borg.

But this is not the only film about the U.S. phenomenon. The documentary “McEnroe,” in which McEnroe himself recounts the major turning points in his personal and professional lives, premiered on July 15 to positive reviews.

Waiting for its release on streaming services is the only option for Italian audiences. In the meantime, we can follow the Djokovic – US OPEN soap opera.

“How is it possible, Novak Djokovic has to play”: McEnroe warns the Us Open

By Antonio Zaccaro

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