Leylah Fernandez reveals, “I underestimated my foot injury.”

Leylah Fernandez said she initially didn’t give much thought to her foot injury, but was devastated by the scan results. This Canadian tennis player’s most recent tournament was Roland Garros, where she lost in the quarterfinals to eventual champion Martina Trevisan in three sets.

Despite being clearly hampered by a foot injury against the Italian, Fernandez insisted on continuing to play. The player was diagnosed with a grade 3 stress fracture after the game. During her third-round match, Leylah Fernandez “felt a pinch and didn’t think anything of it,” she told TSN, as reported on Tennis365.

“The scratch on my foot, which I initially dismissed as minor, worsened over the course of the week. My performance wasn’t fantastic in my most recent match, or the day before that.

To make the quarterfinals, we had hoped it would be good, but it wasn’t. What hurt so badly was so sharp. The pain started as a pinch and then quickly became much sharper. To put my foot down and walk normally was a challenge “.

Fernandez said, “It really hurt me to miss Wimbledon.”

Leylah Fernandez was devastated to learn she would miss Wimbledon after receiving the CT scan results. “Truthfully, it was a challenge. I was devastated for the first few days.

I thought it might just be a sprain or a pinched nerve or a torn muscle in my foot, and that we’d be back on track in a couple of weeks at most. Unfortunately, a stress fracture has pushed us back even further “, confessed the young tennis player from Montreal.

“Knowing that I could have played Coco Gauff in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam and losing devastated me. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be “. Good news is that Fernandez is making steady progress in her recovery from a foot injury and should be ready to play again at the WTA 250 in Washington.

On August 1, the Citi Open will begin, and one of the featured players will be the U.S. Open runner-up. Fernandez, who will be 19 this year, will be making her tournament debut in Washington for the first time this year.