Professional tennis player Serena Williams discusses her professional development at Black Tech Week.

Williams admitted, “I started investing in one company at a time, and one company at a time, and I made a bad investment here and there.” When Williams learned that only two percent of funding goes to women and people of color, she felt compelled to take action.

“My opinion is that nothing will change until the people who write the big checks are more representative of the population at large. At that point, I announced my plans to launch Serena Ventures and grow the angel portfolio because I simply did not have the resources to invest in such a large sum of money alone “This, Williams said.

Regarding Williams’s Narrative

To quote Williams: “You never know you might hear one word that is like ‘I’ve experienced that’ or ‘I know what you’re talking about,’ and that can get you over the hump.”

Williams, meanwhile, will be competing at the National Bank Open in Toronto from August 8-14. Venus Williams’ participation in this year’s tournament was also announced this week by the organizers in Toronto.

Director of the Toronto tournament, Karl Hale, expressed his excitement at having both Venus and Serena participate in the National Bank Open presented by Rogers this year. They have been very significant to our sport, and their presence at an event always inspires the spectators, the organizers, and the competitors.

We are excited to have two of the greatest players of all time in Toronto. Williams is set to play in Toronto, Cincinnati, and the US Open after making her return at Wimbledon.

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Professional tennis player Serena Williams discusses her professional development at Black Tech Week.
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