Since Renata Voracova had her Australian visa reinstated, many have wondered if Novak Djokovic would be next.

Renata Voracova, a Czech tennis player, had her visa revoked so that she could return to Australia. In late December, Voracova, then 38 years old, landed in Australia thanks to a medical waiver. Things went downhill for Voracova after Novak Djokovic tried to enter Australia with a special exemption, and she was also detained and deported.

Although Djokovic wanted to fight for his right to remain in the country, Voracova decided to leave “as a lawful non-citizen.” Although Voracova was granted a visa extension, Djokovic‘s situation is different from that of the Czech player.

Djokovic is hoping for better luck than Voracova had with her visa, and Voracova has received hers.

Vice President and Head of the Migration and Refugee Division at the Tribunal, Jan Redfern, stated, “There was no evidence Ms. Voracova failed to comply with her visa conditions.”

She complied with all applicable regulations and there was proof that she had relied on assurances from Tennis Australia and the Victorian Department of Health regarding her eligibility for a medical exemption. As such, I agree with the argument that Ms. Voracova was not prohibited from entering Australia because of her lack of vaccinations at the time in question.

She had valid medical evidence to back up her exemption, in the form of testimony from her primary care physician regarding her susceptibility to thrombosis, and she had answered the travel declaration truthfully. Ms. Voracova had a legitimate medical reason to postpone vaccination, and she did not need to cite the fact that she had previously contracted COVID-19 as a medical contraindication to doing so.

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Djokovic was deported from Australia and given a three-year entry ban after losing his appeal in court. Last week, Djokovic expressed optimism that Australia would lift its ban on him and allow him to compete in the Australian Open in January.

Since Renata Voracova had her Australian visa reinstated, many have wondered if Novak Djokovic would be next.

By Antonio Zaccaro

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