Francisco Cabral and the Gstaad final: “We will give everything!”

This past Saturday, Francisco Cabral and the Bosnian Tomislav Brkic advanced to the final of the ATP 250 in Gstaad, Switzerland. Two and a half months after reaching the ATP final with Nuno Borges at the Millennium Estoril Open, a Portuguese player has reached his second ATP final.


My confidence in my skills never wavers no matter what role I am called upon to play. My recent success, especially on clay, has given me a sense of calm and assurance in pressure situations. Both the high altitude (I don’t think I’ve ever played at such a high elevation before) and the fact that my playing partner was sick for the first few days of our arrival have contributed to a much more successful week than I had anticipated. But things seem to be going swimmingly so far, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be just as smooth.

Joint Venture with BRKIC

At the time, he extended an invitation to me to play grass in Stuttgart. Although grass wasn’t either of our preferred playing surfaces, we ended up beating the tournament’s top seeds in our first match against each other and agreed that we should try to schedule another meeting in the future. In addition, these ATPs were beneficial because we were able to play on a court that we are both familiar with. There’s a lot of pressure on the server because we both serve well and respond aggressively. Perhaps these are our greatest strengths, especially at this elevation!

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Like any other match, I try not to dwell on the stakes, though of course I am aware of them. We’ll play hard like we always have, and hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to pull out a victory.

Francisco Cabral and the Gstaad final: “We will give everything!”
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