Goran Ivanisevic is very upset with the ATP and says, “They are ridiculous!”

A few days ago, Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon, giving him 21 Grand Slam titles and putting him ahead of his great rival, Roger Federer, who has only won 20. The year hasn’t been easy for the Serbian champion; he missed out on playing in the Australian Open and now he may not even be able to make it to the US Open or any other tournaments in the United States.

Former tennis champion and Novak Djokovic‘s coach Goran Ivanisevic is at the Umag tournament and has given an interesting interview to the Croatian media while Djokovic is on vacation and having fun with capoeira.

To elaborate, he said “The tragedy in Australia marked the beginning of a trying and depressing year. The ATP’s decision not to award any points at the previous Wimbledon was absurd, in my opinion.”

Ivanisevic has worked with Nole for some time, typically since the year 2019. When asked to elaborate on Wimbledon, Goran said: “I never thought I’d reach the point where I’d have more Grand Slam titles as a coach than I did as a player.

In addition, I anticipate further Grand Slam titles for Djokovic. His ultimate objective is to play and win, but he must first be given the opportunity to do so.”

Ivanisevic comments on the Slam vs. Slam fight, too.

While fielding questions from reporters, Serbian tennis star Goran Ivanisevic joked and expressed skepticism about the likelihood that Nole would compete in the US Open “What about Djokovic at the 2022 US Open? I now have a greater sense of hope for victory.

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Tournament in Umag, if Tournament Director Tomislav extends an invitation to me.” Ivanisevic then discussed Djokovic‘s Wimbledon victory: “He required it. When it counted, he established himself as the world’s finest grass-court tennis player.”

Lastly, Goran reported on the Slam fight, saying: “I predicted that Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal would eventually win more Grand Slams than Roger Federer long before I began coaching Nole. No one stands a chance if they are in good health.”

Goran Ivanisevic is very upset with the ATP and says, “They are ridiculous!”
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