Injured runner Leylah Fernandez: “I undervalued my foot injury.”

Leylah Fernandez said she initially didn’t give much thought to her foot injury, but was devastated by the scan results. As recently as Roland Garros, the Canadian tennis player advanced to the quarterfinals before losing in three sets to eventual champion Martina Trevisan.

Fernandez continued to play despite being clearly hampered by a foot injury during her match with the Italian. The player was found to have a Grade 3 stress fracture after postgame exams. When asked about it, she elaborated: “In the third round of my match, I felt a pinch and didn’t even realize it.

As the week progressed, the scratch on my foot became more serious, despite my initial optimism. It wasn’t great in my most recent match, and it wasn’t great the day before, either. We thought it would be good for the quarterfinals, but it didn’t work out.

It hurt very badly. At first it felt like a pinch, but then the pain intensified. I had a hard time putting down my foot and walking normally.”

It hurt me deeply, Fernandez said of missing Wimbledon.

Leylah Fernandez was devastated to learn she would miss Wimbledon after the CT scan revealed internal bleeding.

Canada’s top tennis star said: “That was a challenging task. For a few days, I was totally devastated. At first, I thought maybe it was just a sprain, or maybe a pinched nerve, or maybe it was just a problem with a foot muscle, and that it would heal in a few weeks. Instead, it turned out to be a stress fracture, which has slowed us down even more.

When I realized I wouldn’t be able to face Coco Gauff in the semi-finals of the Grand Slam, I was devastated. The two were a perfect fit for one another.” Thankfully, Fernandez is doing better and will be able to compete at the WTA 250 in Washington after initially suffering from a foot injury.

On August 1, the Citi Open will begin, and one of the tournament’s main attractions will be the US Open runner-up. The 19-year-old Fernandez will make her first appearance at the Washington tournament this year.