Former ATP champion: “Novak Djokovic needed it.”

If you look at the ATP schedule right now, Novak Djokovic isn’t exactly in control of his own destiny when it comes to playing in the biggest tournaments. In other words, it would only be the case if he reversed his position and got the Covid-19 vaccine.

Since the Serbian has denied the theory on multiple occasions, including very recently, it is up to the various national governments and the competitions themselves to apply the rules they deem most appropriate and decide once and for all whether or not the 21-time Grand Slam winner and former world number one may or may not participate in the sporting event.

Each unit of measurement carries more significance, which inevitably attracts additional stakeholders. In light of the current situation, a genuine international case arose in Australia, where Novak was undoubtedly not treated well and was ultimately banned from playing in the Grand Slam.

There have been cases where unvaccinated people have been granted free entry while Russian and Belarusian players have been denied entry, but other events, such as Roland Garros and the Internazionali Bnl d’Italia, have not implemented any such bans.

Instead, the United States of America has taken a steadfast stance since the year 2022: all non-citizens must have the vaccine before entering the country. As a result, the Belgrade player missed his US Open, Canadian Open, and Cincinnati, and Indian Wells, Miami, and Montreal appointments (he reached the final in the 2021 edition).

Ivanisevic, Regarding No. 1 Djokovic

The likelihood of Novak Djokovic being allowed to compete at the US Open is slim, according to the Serb’s coach, Goran Ivanisevic. “To be honest, following the US Open is beyond my capabilities.

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I have a better chance of going to the US Open than he does, because I think director Tomislav Poljak will invite me and I will win Umag. He is currently unable to enter the country because of their strict vaccination policies “According to Ivanisevic.

Ivanisevic reflected on Novak Djokovic‘s arduous season during the interview. “The year got off to a terrible start, and the ATP’s decision to dock points at Wimbledon is insane and wrong.

An essential win for Djokovic, who proved once again why he is the sport’s preeminent grass court specialist “as one Croatian put it. The Serbian supporters are understandably upset by this and are raising their voices in an effort to defend their team.

Former ATP champion: “Novak Djokovic needed it.”

By Antonio Zaccaro

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