Former champion: “I thought Rafael Nadal was going to play until…”

Maxime Cressy took home his first ATP title in Newport. The American won the championship by defeating Alexander Bublik in three sets on his home court in a match that generated much discussion, particularly in light of the post-match statements made by both players.

“What good fortune you’ve had! You should go play roulette with the money you’ve won here. I predict a prosperous outcome for you, “The Kazakhs made an assault. The lucky winner quickly responded, “I’m sorry I got lucky.” Despite the controversy, the Newport champion shared his plans for the future, including his desire to become world number one.

“Winning this title and breaking into the top 30 has given me confidence that I have what it takes to become world number one. My meteoric rise through the rankings in just two years supports this notion. I hope to serve as an example to many players, revitalizing the value of teamwork and cooperation in competitive play.

I hope that more and more players start using this strategy in their games “declared the expert at serving and volleying. The American tennis star took the opportunity to give props to the world’s top player, Rafael Nadal, by praising a game tactic that Cressy is the guardian of in the current generation of tennis players.

Maxime Cressy is competing in his third and final tournament of the year in Newport. The first was at the start of the season, when Rafael Nadal defeated the American in the final set of the Melbourne ATP 250. “Even those contests were nerve-racking. It was surreal playing against Nadal, like, “Is this really happening?” That’s probably why I couldn’t win against him “The first final, he said.

Gonzalez makes some observations about Nadal

It has been reported that Fernando Gonzalez is no longer surprised by Rafael Nadal‘s continued high level of play. Gonzalez stated, “It stopped surprising me.” “He’s still playing at his advanced age, which belies my earlier prediction that he’d retire while still relatively young.

He had already won Wimbledon twice before his injury derailed his chances of a third title. He could have gone on to compete for the Grand Slam. Djokovic was almost the champion last year. I wish I could have witnessed someone overcoming such a formidable challenge because I imagine it to be both exciting and exhausting.”