Francisco Cabral and a consolidation title: “I’m playing at a high level”.

This past Sunday, Francisco Cabral and the Bosnian Tomislav Brkic won their second ATP title of their careers in Gstaad, Switzerland. The 25-year-old tennis player openly expresses his delight, comparing this championship to the one he won at the Millennium Estoril Open.

“As you can tell, I’m over the moon. It wasn’t a simple week by any means, but we improved our performance with each victory, culminating in a very solid showing in the championship game. I am ecstatic to have won an additional ATP title. Even though they belong to the same class, if given the choice between this and the Estoril Open, I would choose the latter. Despite the fact that it was different and heavier than this one, my time in this city has made me just as happy as it did before. Being in Portugal, with all that it entails, and with family and friends present makes the Estoril Open even more special, so it remains in my top spot “few hours after the victory, admitted.

Cabral makes no bones about the fact that he wants more after winning this title, which solidifies his position as a top doubles tennis player. “My confidence in my skill level is high, and I am hungry for further development. To achieve my objectives, I intend to keep plugging away at them.”