Iga Swiatek explains why he will compete in a clay-court event immediately following Wimbledon.

Iga Swiatek, the current world number one, has stated that she hopes to continue playing in Warsaw for as long as possible because of the significance of playing at home. The second Poland Open will be held in Warsaw the following week. Swiatek will be making her debut at this year’s tournament on the clay courts of Warsaw.

The main draw ceremony took place in Warsaw on Saturday. Swiatek, the top seed, will open against Magdalena Frech, who is ranked #84. “I hope to keep playing in Warsaw for a while. Playing in this tournament at my house is extra special.

I’m well aware that some people are hoping for a new winning streak from me, but all I really want to do on the court is have a good time and show off my best tennis “What Swiatek had to say.

Before the @BNPP PolishCup, it’s time for some #Swiatek Iga. “As long as I can play in Warsaw, I will. For me personally, having this tournament held in my own backyard makes it extra special. I’m well aware that some people are rooting for me to continue my winning ways, but all I really want to do on the court is have a good time and show off my best tennis.” Check out the latest #SwiatekNews at https://t.co/RS2qa0nVBJ. July 21, 2022 — Iga witek News (@IgaSwiatek News)

After losing at Wimbledon, Swiatek is looking to get back on track.

Swiatek’s winning streak of 37 ended at Wimbledon.

Swiatek conceded after her loss to Alize Cornet that she thought Wimbledon might be the end of her winning streak. Swiatek admitted after the defeat, “Usually I am hard on myself.” “Being here has helped me relive my past experiences of both the adrenaline rush and nervous anticipation of competition and the calm concentration of pregame practice.

Let’s just say I wasn’t in the best of physical condition. So, I guess I’m prepared for the possibility that this will occur. Perhaps this is not the best frame of mind to adopt, but the facts remain the same. I made numerous attempts to improve my confidence while playing tennis on grass courts, but nothing seemed to work.

I don’t put too much pressure on myself because it stands to reason that if I couldn’t find it during practices, I certainly wouldn’t find it during a game.” Swiatek’s winning streak began in the middle of February and continued until the beginning of July. Swiatek is looking to continue her winning ways in front of her home crowd in Warsaw.