In this article, David Ferrer shares his thoughts on the Rafael Nadal vs. Carlos Alcaraz debate.

David Ferrer, a Spanish tennis legend, has high hopes for 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz, saying he will win multiple Grand Slams and rise to the top. However, he acknowledges that comparing Alcaraz to Rafael Nadal is perhaps a bit of a stretch. The 19-year-old Alcaraz has made a sensational start to his career, winning two Masters titles and climbing to the world’s sixth position in the rankings.

Very early in his career, Alcaraz has already begun to make waves, much like Nadal. “Alcaraz is a great player, and without a doubt he is going to be a much better tennis player than me, that is very clear to me,” Ferrer said in a recent interview with Super Deporte.

“Carlos has to make his career, but I’m sure he’ll reach number one and win Grand Slams because mentally he’s a very established player,” said Roger Federer.

According to Ferrer, Alcaraz is surrounded by competent individuals.

Former Spanish Grand Slam champion and current world No. 1 Rafael Nadal is on Alcaraz‘s team.

A. Juan Carlos Ferrero. 1. Ferrero has a reputation as a demanding and disciplined coach. It’s not surprising that Alcaraz and Ferrero are succeeding as player and coach because they share a passion for training and hard work.

His coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, “has also had the experience of being World No. 1, and has very clear ideas,” Ferrer said. “I know his team very well, from his representative Albert and his coaching staff with Juan Carlos Ferrero at the helm.”

Alcaraz had already won Masters tournaments in Miami and Madrid, and now he was aiming for his first Grand Slam tournament victory at the French Open. While Alcaraz advanced to the second week of the French Open, he ultimately fell in the quarterfinals to Alexander Zverev.

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Following a loss at the French Open, Alcaraz was eliminated from Wimbledon in the round of 16. His opponent in that match was Jannik Sinner. Now, Alcaraz is focusing on getting ready for the US Open in the hopes of claiming his first Grand Slam title there.

In this article, David Ferrer shares his thoughts on the Rafael Nadal vs. Carlos Alcaraz debate.

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