John McEnroe has said that Emma Raducanu should not pay attention to the press.

Emma Raducanu’s career is experiencing some upheaval at the moment. The young British tennis player’s glorious ride at the US Open in 2021 demonstrated her great skills, but since then, she has not had the continuity she expected.

However, Raducanu’s great media pressure that has sprung up around her is understandable given that she is only 19 years old. John McEnroe, a man who knows a thing or two about success, had this to say about the Grand Slam champion: “Don’t bother asking me if Raducanu has any potential to improve as a player; she already has.

If you’re not good, you can’t win a Grand Slam. The spotlight was on her after she won the US Open. There was a lot of pressure on her to succeed. Many things have changed for her since then, but I have faith that she will eventually return to her former glory.”

McEnroe recommends that Raducanu disregard the press.

John McEnroe, a seasoned professional, has learned how to deal with the intense psychological pressure that the press and media of different kinds can have on him and his play.

This made the former world number one feel like he was standing up for Emma Raducanu against the press, especially the British press, that had already set such high standards for her “What you mean is not lost on me.

For a while in the 1970s and 1980s, I seriously considered never returning to the United Kingdom after deciding that if I won Wimbledon, I would never play here again. Screw these journalists! And, yes, I did experience some unusual emotions upon achieving my first victory.

The adrenaline rush I experienced during this tournament made me feel like I could soar out of the stadium and into the skies above. Finally, Raducanu gets to be in the middle of it all. She enjoys the moment, but I tell her not to put too much stock in what the media reports about her.”