One of Nadal’s coaches has said that the tennis star is “very family friendly.”

is insane in any sport, but especially so in tennis. Macci said to Tennis-Infinity, “He may have lost a quarter step, but he still has that fighting spirit, and the way he handles pressure is almost bulletproof.”

When asked about his expected retirement age, his agent said, “If he’s healthy, he’ll play as long as want. If he reacts to defeat like Roger Federer does, the young men will learn a lot. He’s so mechanical it’s scary. It’s not like he just turned into that yesterday or this week.

Ever since he was a little boy, he’s been doing that. Nadal went back to Spain after being eliminated from the Wimbledon semifinals. Nadal has been practicing hard since Monday for the Montreal Masters, which starts on August 7.

Moya lets Nadal in on his thoughts.

Rafael Nadal‘s coach Carlos Moya brushed aside all topics in an interview with Eurosport Spain, including the Majorcan’s upcoming paternity and his extraordinary 14th coronation at Roland-Garros.

A lot of people will feel better after hearing the Spanish coach say that. In my day and age, families rarely went on vacation together, and many people stopped working between the ages of 30 and 32 to start a family. Recently, an increasing number of people have been seen traveling with their kids.

The retirement question probably won’t be the deciding factor, but rather an added incentive for him to keep working. Since he is so devoted to his family and loves kids so much, I can imagine that his absence will be particularly difficult for him at first.