This ex-football player reveals his thoughts on Novak Djokovic.

Even though Novak Djokovic‘s name appears on the US Open’s entry list, he probably won’t be able to make it to the States for the tournament. This former world number one has stated repeatedly, most recently during Wimbledon, that he has no plans to get vaccinated against Coronavirus.

The Serbian phenomenon boosted a relatively low-key season by winning the Championships for the seventh time, tying Pete Sampras’s record. The 35-year-old from Belgrade won his fourth straight title at Church Road, bringing his Majors total to 21 and drawing him closer to Rafael Nadal in the all-time rankings.

Up until the London tournament, 2022 had not been particularly rewarding for Nole, in part because he had opted not to take the double dose. The ‘Djoker’ had been severely damaged in terms of both its reputation and its ability to compete, missing the Australian Open and the American Masters 1000 in Indian Wells and Miami as a result.

Several politicians in the United States have recently urged Vice President Biden to alter the country’s immigration policies. Chris Manno, a former NFL player, has echoed this call for government restraint.

What Novak Djokovic means to Chris Manno

“By barring a top contender like Novak Djokovic from competing, the closed-minded idiots at the @usopen undermine the legitimacy of their own tournament and make the “winner” look like a pretend champion.

Allow them to gorge on their own “The author put pen to paper. In a new twist to the drama surrounding Novak Djokovic at the US Open, the tennis star is getting a lot of love from fans and retired pros. One more American tennis legend, John McEnroe, has come out in favor of the Serb.

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The former American player stated, “I mean, we have to find a way to get Novak into the US Open,” in a recent interview with Tennis365. There’s no way he’s not in that room. He’s a fantastic champion, he won Wimbledon, and he needs to be at the US Open.

McEnroe, on the other hand, disagreed with Djokovic‘s decision to forego vaccinations. Even though I disagree with his choice not to get vaccinated, I can see where he’s coming from. He is extremely health conscious and pays close attention to what he eats because he is one of the world’s fittest men.

We are now saying that his decision means he cannot compete in the US Open,” he elaborated. Djokovic, a three-time US Open champion, had previously voiced his excitement about returning to Flushing Meadows. In Flushing Meadows, the United States Open begins.

This ex-football player reveals his thoughts on Novak Djokovic.

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