Alexander Zverev describes his recovery process.

Alexander Zverev has reported progress in his recovery from ankle surgery, but he still has not set a date for his comeback. In the semifinals of the French Open, Zverev was playing Rafael Nadal when he suffered a torn ankle ligament.

Zverev reported to Eurosport that he was making “excellent progress” in his recovery. “I’m getting closer and closer to the tennis court with each day, and I can’t wait to finish the remaining tasks.

We haven’t settled on a return date just yet, but rest assured I’m putting in extra effort every day to make it happen as soon as possible.”

Zverev details his road to recovery.

Zverev has been putting in significant time and effort into rehabilitation in order to start rebuilding his strength, so he is still not back on the practice court just yet.

Zverev lamented, “The days are very long.” “We get started bright and early and go all the way through until late at night. Lots of exercises are done, and more are added regularly.

We provide care for the foot, encourage movement, and re-establish strength and balance. It is possible to regain normal walking and running abilities in some situations. I also do water sprints, treadmill and bike workouts.”

The moment Zverev sprained his ankle, he began yelling in agony, and the sight was truly terrible. Zverev, who has experienced the difficulties of professional sports first-hand due to his own injuries (which required him to use a wheelchair and then crutches for mobility), claims to understand them.

“Danger is always present in professional sports, just as it is in everyday life,” he said. “Each day, I lead my team in a laser-focused effort to eliminate any potential issues.

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It’s important to get as much practice as possible, but we can’t neglect it. As such, I have to be in tune with my body and recognize when I’ve hit a wall. The majority of the time, whether it’s in practice or a game, I give it my all. It may be counterproductive to try to do more at this time.”

Alexander Zverev describes his recovery process.
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