An interview with Alejandro Tabilo, who discusses his exhibition match against Rafael Nadal.

Alejandro Tabilo, a Chilean tennis player, has said that it is “surreal” to have the opportunity to play Rafael Nadal in his home country. Nadal plans to hold an exhibition tour of South American countries in the month of November.

The tour will take the record-setting Nadal to the countries of Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina. “Honestly, I can’t believe it. I have looked up to [Rafael] Nadal ever since I was a kid, so the chance to play tennis with him in Chile is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I’m overjoyed to be able to share the stage with him for an exhibition performance “According to what Tabilo revealed to La Tercera. “Initially, I didn’t give much thought to the fact that I’d be competing against Nadal. Even a week ago, when they confirmed me, I didn’t believe it and it took me a while to react.

It was a happy phone call from Guille (Gómez). The joy I felt was evident in the expression on my face.”

Tabilo’s ultimate goal is to place in the top 50.

On Monday, Tabilo hit a new career high of No. 68 in the rankings. Tabilo, who will turn 25 this year, aspires to crack the top 50 before the season is over.

“The initial target for the year was the top 100, but given how quickly that number was reached, we’ve had to adjust the timeline, the targets, and everything else. Therefore, placing in the top 50 is a desirable goal.

If we put in the time and effort to plan well, and everything goes as planned, “Tabela included. Tabilo came close to claiming his first ATP title as a qualifier earlier this year in Cordoba. Tabilo went 6-1 in Cordoba before losing in the championship to Albert Ramos-Vinolas.

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The rest of the season will determine if Tabilo can achieve his goal of cracking the top 50 and win his first title.

An interview with Alejandro Tabilo, who discusses his exhibition match against Rafael Nadal.

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