Astounding things happened during the Roger Federer match, and I’m still reeling from them, says James Blake.

James Blake, a former top American tennis player, joked that he is still in disbelief over some of Roger Federer‘s antics on the court. Before the US Open, a fan uploaded a highlight reel of Federer‘s previous performances at Flushing Meadows.

At the US Open, Federer stunned Blake with a drop shot winner off of Blake’s return. A supporter of Blake’s wrote, “You look shocked.”

The things he did still shock me — on July 23, 2022, James Blake (@JRBlake) will go viral on Twitter.

When asked about his reaction, Blake said, “I’m still shocked by some of the things he did.”

Eleven times Federer and Blake squared off.

Although Blake was once ranked fourth in the world, he struggled mightily against Federer, losing 10 of their 11 matches. While Federer is still listed as an active player, Blake, at age 42, decided to retire from tennis in 2013.

Wimbledon was played in the 21st century for the first time without Federer. In any case, Federer was present at Wimbledon, as he took part in the centennial celebration of the Centre Court.

During his retirement speech at Wimbledon, Roger Federer showed obvious emotion and said he would like to play in the tournament at least one more time before calling it quits. Federer has stated that he finds it “very strange” to be a spectator at Wimbledon this year rather than a participant.

Each year since 1998, I have been there. Federer, now 40, has been sidelined for the past two and a half years with knee injuries. Since 2020, Federer has spent a great deal of time recuperating at home after undergoing three knee surgeries.

Federer remarked, “It is a time of more rest.” Because of the coronavirus, I’ve been able to stay put for longer periods of time, which was a welcome change after a long period of traveling.

Thanks to this, I was able to pick and choose how I would spend my time abroad in an effort to make a positive impact. A lot of my friends have been dropping by lately. In late September, Federer will make his return to competition at the Laver Cup.