Dominic Thiem talks about how important his return to winning is to his family.

Dominic Thiem, a former No. 3 in the world, has said that the success he is having on the court is also meaningful to his loved ones and coaches, all of whom went through a trying time while he was sidelined with a wrist injury.

In June of 2021, while competing in the Majorca Open, Thiem, then age 28, suffered a wrist injury. Thiem’s absence from competition lasted much longer than expected, ending only in March. Thiem is starting to find his form after losing his first seven matches upon his return, as he progressed to the quarterfinals in Bastad last week and the semifinals in Gstaad this week.

“Even though it was a difficult time for the family, nobody ever brings it up in conversation. Obviously, they were upset for quite some time during the injury, and they probably worried about whether or not I would recover well enough to return to work.

Now that they’re getting some victories back, I think they’re appreciating it a lot more. To draw strength and encouragement from the world around me is obviously crucial to me “Says Thiem.

Dominic Thiem discusses the impact of his recent victory on his team and family, as well as how his friendship with coach @massunico has gotten him through the tough times.

Domi competes in the ATP semifinals for the first time since the Madrid 2021 photo. Tweet from The Slice Tennis (@theslicetennis) dated July 22, 2022

Thiem, on working with Nicolas Massu

Thiem hired Massu for the 2019 season after parting ways with longtime coach Gunter Bresnik.

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Almost two years later, in 2020, Thiem won his first Grand Slam tournament at the US Open. “Together, we accomplished great things, but we’ve also been through some rough times recently.

It wasn’t easy for him because he wasn’t there very often, but I think that’s what makes a good relationship—making it through the rough times. Since he was back in Chile, he had no idea how I was doing or how far along I was.

Once I was able to join in, he resumed. So, I imagine that was a trying time for him, and I am both thrilled and relieved to see the positive outcomes returning “What Thiem had to say.

Dominic Thiem talks about how important his return to winning is to his family.
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