John McEnroe reiterates: “Novak Djokovic must play the 2022 US Open.”

John McEnroe has expressed his confidence in Novak Djokovic‘s attendance at the 2022 US Open. In John’s words: “For Novak Djokovic‘s sake, we need to figure out how to get him into the US OPEN.

Why is it that a champion with his credentials wouldn’t be allowed to compete? Recent Wimbledon Champion:” McEnroe said it was “crazy” to think Djokovic wouldn’t be allowed to play in the Grand Slam tournament being held in the United States at the end of August.

“I don’t agree with his choice not to vaccinate, but we say that because of his choice, he can’t play the US Open,” the former American tennis player said, adding that he was against Nole‘s decision not to get vaccinated.

He then reaffirmed that this would not be the first time the Serbian player had been barred from a Grand Slam event: “In other words, really. For the same reason he was previously expelled from Australia, here we go again!” McEnroe went on to criticize the US Tennis Association, saying, “Djokovic should be allowed to play in the 2022 US Open without any restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic.

To play, the USTA and the U.S. government will need to coordinate. For the same reason that unvaccinated American athletes are allowed to compete, Djokovic should be given the same opportunity.

An all-time great, he is considered a sports icon. You can make it happen if the US Tennis Association will just.”

McEnroe’s latest documentary, which he also stars in,

The tennis world has seen some of John McEnroe‘s best and worst performances.

Dramatic and convoluted personality; technically proficient, original musician. His legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of sports fans everywhere. The film McEnroe vs. Borg, which recently celebrated his athletic career, details the high points of one of the most riveting sports rivalries in history.

However, this is not the only movie that makes reference to the American phenomenon. McEnroe, the documentary film in which McEnroe himself recounts the major events of his personal and professional life, premiered on July 15.