Paolo Bertolucci explains the reasons for Matteo Berrettini vs Ruud’s defeat

As an Italian tennis player, Matteo Berrettini‘s winning streak comes to an end in Gstaad. Despite reaching his third straight final after his victories in Stuttgart and Queen’s, the Roman tennis player lost in three sets to the Norwegian Casper Ruud.

The Nordic tennis player recovers his form and begins winning Atp 250 tournaments again. Casper did not back down from his 2021 victory, while Berrettini won the first set but lost in the final stages.

Afterward, the Italian tennis player gave the following post-match comments about the loss he had just experienced: “Talking is hard, so props to Casper and the rest of the crew. You have had a fantastic season, culminating in the Roland Garros final, and you deserve all the praise you get.

Have a prosperous remaining 2022 by keeping up the current pace and outcomes. If I had made it to the finals, I would like to express my gratitude to the audience who cheered for me every step of the way “That’s what he had to say, she said.

After that, he elaborated by saying, “When my brother Jacopo got hurt, we had to cancel our doubles match at one of the most stunning 250s on the entire circuit. Next year, we hope to return for another enjoyable experience.

The fact that I ended up in the final and with the trophy is unbelievable, especially since I wasn’t sure I’d even be participating in the tournament.”

In a tweet about Berrettini, Paolo Bertolucci uses cryptic language.

Ex-tennis pro Paolo Bertolucci used Twitter to explain the Italian tennis player’s loss.

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Something Bertolucci tweeted during the game that still has significance even now. His social message, a tweet that has received widespread support, is as follows:

The prime percentage will not increase unless he works on his concentration. I think it’s going to be tough for @MattBerrettini – paolo bertolucci (@paolobertolucci) on Twitter. July 24, 2022

It was made clear to Bertolucci by allti, he said, that once service performance dropped, exchanges tended to become longer.

Finalist at the most recent Roland Garros, Ruud, had little trouble on the clay courts here and won his fourth tournament in as many months.

Paolo Bertolucci explains the reasons for Matteo Berrettini vs Ruud’s defeat

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