The fact that some players appear to have forgotten about Ukraine has displeased Iga Swiatek.

Iga Swiatek, the number one player in the world, says she hasn’t forgotten Ukraine and that it’s disheartening to see other players stop showing support for the country. Swiatek held “iga Swiatek and Friends for Ukraine” on Saturday in Krakow.

Swiatek was pleased to have achieved her goal of organizing a charity for Ukraine, and all the funds raised were sent there. Swiatek has been advocating for peace and standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine ever since the Russian invasion began.

“A lot of people don’t seem to remember much about the war anymore. The ribbons that were worn for only a few games in February by many of the players have already been removed. That seems a little inconsistent to me. This ribbon has stayed with me and always will “To quote Swiatek:

What Iga Witek tweeted about Ukraine today: “In my observation, people seem to be forgetting the war ever happened. After only two or three games in February, many players removed the ribbons they had been wearing. There seems to be some inconsistencies there. For the rest of my life, I will carry this ribbon with me.” Twitter post from 2022-07-23 by Dominik Senkowski (@dsenkowski07)

Since the beginning of the war, Swiatek has been advocating for a cease-fire.

The use of my voice is the most important thing for me,” Swiatek told Eurosport in March.

“I’m only 20, so I’m no expert, and I don’t know how to fight war, but for sure I want sport to connect people, and maybe bring a little bit of joy, and also for all the players to have kind of a similar voice so we can fight this together.

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Why not take advantage of the fact that we are somewhat well-known and can sway public opinion in our respective countries? Swiatek, meanwhile, will be making her debut at the Poland Open in Warsawa, so she’ll have to stay in Poland for a while.

“I want to play in Warsaw as long as possible. Playing in this tournament at my house is extra special. I’m aware that some people are hoping for a new winning streak on the court, but all I really want to do is have a good time playing tennis and show it to the world “The statement was made by Swiatek.

Swiatek will take on Magdalena Frech in the opening round in Warsaw. It will be interesting to see how Swiatek fares in the clay event of the Poland Open in Warsava after his success at Wimbledon.

The fact that some players appear to have forgotten about Ukraine has displeased Iga Swiatek.
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