When asked how he felt about Rafael Nadal’s sleeveless shirts, Adriano Panatta was candid.

French Open champion Adriano Panatta from 1976 says he isn’t a huge fan of sleeveless tennis shirts, thinking they are better suited for sports like basketball and volleyball. Nadal made his tennis debut at the age of 18 in 2005, when he won the French Open while sporting a sleveless shirt.

Alexander Zverev, the world’s No. 2 tennis player, has also been seen in sleeveless shirts at recent tournaments. Panatta was asked his opinion of Nadal and Zverev both playing in tank tops in an interview with Sette.

“Don’t even bother looking at the tank top. It works for basketball and volleyball, but a tank top would be inappropriate in tennis “As Panatta put it.

At the 2019 Australian Open, Nadal sported a sleeveless shirt once again.

Nadal‘s decision to wear a sleeveless shirt again at the Australian Open in January 2019 caught many by surprise.

In the wake of one of his victories, tennis great John McEnroe questioned Nadal on his decision to once again play in a sleeveless shirt. Why are you once again wearing a sleeveless top? Asked McEnroe. Nadal replied, “I have small issues when I’m playing in very high temperature conditions, when I hit my forehand, so I like to play without the sleeves.”

That’s what gives me that sense of being young again.” Nadal, meanwhile, is gearing up for a hard court swing that will begin in Montreal. Last week, Nadal‘s participation in the Montreal Masters, which begins on August 7th, was confirmed by the tournament director, Eugene Lepierre.

Hotel rooms for Nadal have been reserved, and he is eager to visit Montreal, as disclosed by Lapierre. “So that he could practice for the tournament, a case of balls was shipped to him. On Monday, he will presumably resume his workouts.”

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Lepierre has confirmed that Nadal will play in Montreal, but he has also said that Zverev will not play this year because he is still recovering from ankle surgery.

When asked how he felt about Rafael Nadal’s sleeveless shirts, Adriano Panatta was candid.

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