While on vacation in Croatia, Novak Djokovic runs into Ivo Karlovic (PIC)

Novak Djokovic met the former Croatian tennis player Ivo Karlovic while vacationing on a Croatian island. Djokovic won Wimbledon and has been resting at home ever since. Djokovic has been taking advantage of his time off to rest and rejuvenate before his return to the court after missing the Montreal Masters due to his vaccination status.

‘Couple of legends gathered around Top G,’ Karlovic wrote as the caption to his Instagram photo.

Djokovic will not use any sort of bribery or force to try and enter the United States.

Djokovic opened tennis courts in Bosnia’s Archeological Park just three days after he won Wimbledon.

There, Djokovic responds to those who have accused him of trying to enter Australia illegally earlier this year. It’s not true that I tried to enter Australia without proper documentation, permission, or exemption, as some people continue to believe “As Djokovic emphasized,

“That was established in the court case; consequently, I would never enter a country without proper entry documentation. I really miss Australia and hope to visit again soon. Australia is my favorite continent because it is where I achieved my best Grand Slam results.

I would love to visit in January, along with New York City, and I am crossing my fingers that it will be possible. I’d love to play all over the United States and the world. Djokovic added that he would only visit the United States if invited to do so.

His explanation for his lack of interest in politics and other fields was that he was a professional tennis player. “I take a stand, and I support your right to make whatever decision you believe to be in your best interests.

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Everything and everyone has my respect, and I expect the same in return for any decision I make. In case I get the green light, I’ll be there. That’s not the end of the world if I don’t, so I probably won’t.

While on vacation in Croatia, Novak Djokovic runs into Ivo Karlovic (PIC)

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