Atp Montreal, Covid fear returns. Certain no to Novak Djokovic.

Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus, is a virus that caused a true pandemic and millions of deaths around the world. It has been more than two years since this virus dramatically altered the sports world, including tennis.

The situation has somewhat improved, especially in Europe, but the recent increase in the number of infections indicates that the trend may be reversing. U.S. tennis fans and officials have been worrying about the Covid extinction alert again in the last few hours.

The Canadian government, the deciding factor in the Montreal Masters 1000, has released news that is not very reassuring as we wait for confirmation from the U.S. government. Within the last few hours, the government has announced that rapid swabs to test for positivity at the airport will once again be available to visitors.

At least at first, the swabs will be conducted at random by selecting travelers at random. All tennis players are understandably concerned about the prospect of being quarantined for ten days if they test positive for Covid.

The Atp has recommended that players take quick swabs before heading to Canada for the Montreal tournament. The need for a vaccination to enter either Canada or the United States has been restated, and no exceptions will be made.

Because of this, Novak Djokovic will be unable to compete in the U.S. tournament. Since the Wimbledon champion has no plans to get vaccinated, it is highly unlikely that we will see him at the US Open or any other tournament in America.

How Ivanisevic feels about Novak Djokovic‘s pick.

For example, in a recent interview, Goran Ivanisevic had this to say about Novak Djokovic‘s refusal to get vaccinated: “Novak Djokovic‘s bravery and the thoughtfulness behind his choice to retire inspires my respect.

Not that he ever plans to return. Falsely, he has been portrayed in the media as a leader of the no-vax movement and a bad influence on others. Although he has never suggested that others follow his lead and avoid the Coronavirus vaccine, he does not want to get one himself. Regardless, I stand by him and his choice.”