David Ferrer not impressed by Rafael Nadal’s doping accusations at RG

“Cyclists, tennis players, athletes, and any other type of sportsman can do it, because it’s the same organization for all sports; playing under anesthesia does not mean you’re doping or doing something illegal.

Occasionally, it baffles me that athletes who know so little can speak so confidently.”

Rafael Nadal has been accused of doping, but Ferrer has come to his defense.

His remarks from the French cyclist Martin were widely shared in the tennis world.

This practice is already illegal if a cyclist engages in it, Martin said back in June. “Even if he didn’t, though, he’d still be labeled a doper due to the negative cultural connotations associated with cycling.

Conversely, Nadal has received acclaim for his impressive performance despite suffering from a number of injuries. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a striker for AC Milan, has reportedly discussed getting knee injections, too.

They give off the impression of being heroes due to their ability to endure great suffering, but in reality they rely on drugs to enable them to do so repeatedly. There is always suspicion that the winner of a cycling race—and especially the Tour de France—is doping, even if no evidence exists to support such a claim.”

Upon returning to Spain after his victory at the French Open, Rafael Nadal had radiofrequency ablation surgery performed on his injured foot. Nadal‘s foot healed quickly, allowing him to play in the French Open.

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David Ferrer not impressed by Rafael Nadal’s doping accusations at RG

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