Eldin Medjedovic, Novak Djokovic’s father, explains how his son Hamad Medjedovic was first contacted by his father.

Eldin Medjedovic, father of tennis prodigy Hamad Medjedovic, says his son, then 19 years old, quickly warmed up to Novak Djokovic after their first meeting. Djokovic is a 21-time Grand Slam winner. The 19-year-old Medjedovic is one of the most promising players, and Djokovic laid out a strategy for his continued growth.

Djokovic has offered to foot the bill for everything, and he’s doing it because he wants to see a young Serbian tennis prodigy succeed. “Was he feeling the heat from the combination of those factors? Now, the pinnacle of achievement is calling you.

He had some jitters before he met Nole. The good news is that Novak still knew how to approach him even in that situation. It was while I was there that Novak walked up to him and asked, “What’s up, Medo?” Hame, how are you doing? Consequently, he embraces the man and invites him to play basketball.

Thanks in large part to Novak, Hamad was able to unwind. When they were in Montenegro for the preparations, I called my son and asked, “Son, how is it going with Nole?” I ask Hamad, “Are you asking him for some advice?” when he insists that everything is fine. as well as his statement, “I don’t build a relationship with him like that, only a friendly one because he treats me like a friend, so I would like to be his friend too.”

He has friends and is wealthy now “According to Eldin Medjedovic, who spoke with Sportal.

Upon hearing that Medjedovic had won a Challenger tournament, Djokovic offered his congratulations.

Medjedovic won the Luedenscheid Challenger as a qualifier in early July, giving him his first Challenger title.

Djokovic‘s round of 16 match at Wimbledon fell on the same day as the Luedenscheid final. Despite his busy schedule, Djokovic made time to congratulate Medjedovic on his first major championship. “Take note: despite playing in such a high-stakes tournament, he still manages to show interest in a wide variety of topics.

As soon as he heard Hamad had won the tournament, he rushed to send his congratulations. There’s a lot to be learned about Novak Djokovic from all of this “Eldin Medjedovic supplemented.