“It’s time to sow”: Bertolucci extols Jannik Sinner and Lorenzo Musetti

Lorenzo Musetti, an Italian tennis player, won the Atp 500 tournament in Hamburg and is now a serious contender to be one of the best NextGen players in the world. No one saw this sudden success coming, especially considering the rough patch through which Lorenzo had just come.

The win in Hamburg is a huge boost for the Italian, and for Italian tennis as a whole, which is stronger than ever. Italian tennis is flourishing under the watchful eyes of Matteo Berrettini, Jannik Sinner, and Lorenzo Musetti.

Italy is currently (and for the foreseeable future) a leading contender to be one of the favorite nations to win the Davis Cup on any given surface.

What Italian tennis means to Paolo Bertolucci.

The Leggo microphones caught former player and commentator Paolo Bertolucci discussing Musetti and the current state of Italian tennis.

I quote him entirely, “For the next decade, tennis can be shaped by Lorenzo Musetti and Jannik Sinner. They couldn’t be more dissimilar as tennis players, yet both have the potential to break out.” Bertolucci then went on to talk about the shocking outcome of the Hamburg final, in which Musetti defeated Alcaraz.

And here are his comments on the matter: “It was a proving ground for his maturity, and he came out on top against another promising young player. But now is the time for him to work on his physical fitness; he has two to three years to develop.”

Bertolucci is confident about the future of Italian tennis, which is currently experiencing a golden age “Jannik and Lorenzo are part of Italy’s formidable lineup, which also features Berrettini and Sonego. We have a fantastic team thanks to them.

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Even though developed nations like the United States and Australia are faltering at the moment, now is the time to plant the seeds, and we are in capable hands “Although Berrettini and Musetti may not yet be in a position to take blue tennis to the top, the situation can only improve from here on out. Currently, Italy has only one Top Ten player, Sinner, who is currently ranked tenth.

“It’s time to sow”: Bertolucci extols Jannik Sinner and Lorenzo Musetti

By Antonio Zaccaro

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