Musetti-Alcaraz record-breaking on TV: challenge achieves overflowing numbers

Yesterday, July 24, 2022, was a historic day for Italian tennis as Lorenzo Musetti won the ATP 500 final in Hamburg, defeating Spanish star Carlos Alcaraz in the process. One of Carrara’s finest has finally won his or her first major championship after months of hard work and perseverance.

Musetti’s match against Alcaraz not only resulted in him becoming the third Italian tennis player in history to win an ATP trophy and his highest ranking (31), it also made waves on television.

Only the second set, which the Italian lost on a tie-break after his opponent saved five match points, garnered a 4.68 percent share on Supertennis and an incredible 476,634 average viewers, both of which were records for the official channel of the Italian Tennis Federation in its 14-year history.

To top it all off, Lorenzo Musetti’s first and exciting ATP title came with a match average of 2.5%.

Ignazio Musetti: “Striking achievement that belies expectations. When I last spoke with Pietrangeli…”

His first ATP 500 title came in Hamburg, and Lorenzo Musetti was overcome with emotion and words after the victory.

The 20-year-old from Carrara broke down in tears at the final ATP microphones after his victory over Murcian champion Carlos Alcaraz “I can’t shake the feeling that I must be dreaming. The entire match felt like a roller coaster ride, and I just can’t describe it.

I believe the most important aspect of the match was maintaining composure and waiting for my opportunity. This was not a simple task. In addition to the efforts of my team, I am grateful to my family for everything they have done for me “.

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Musetti, who was also interviewed by Tg1 after his victory in Germany, said that he spoke with Italian tennis legend Nicola Pietrangeli, who called him to offer his congratulations “Perhaps it was the most heartfelt of congratulations, but it only served to increase my sense of accomplishment.

Since I faced several match points, he was very sympathetic and complimented my tennis, strategy, and resilience. What you did made me very happy “.

Next, he made the following observation: “We won the same tournament, so we joked that we are coworkers. We also discussed his past victories in Hamburg “as his final thought.

Musetti-Alcaraz record-breaking on TV: challenge achieves overflowing numbers
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