“Never joined a disco”: Jannik Sinner reveals more details of private life

An unrecognized young man who has devoted more than 90% of his time and effort to athletics. In a recent interview, Jannik Sinner discussed his interests outside of tennis and how his lifestyle differs from that of a typical 20-year-old.

The South Tyrolean is currently one of Italy’s top talents, and he has a great deal of potential and qualities that need to be developed and utilized if he is to achieve any measure of success on the ATP tour.

The 20-year-old native of San Candido has already made the top ten (currently holding the ninth spot) and advanced to the semifinals of three Grand Slam competitions (only the Us Open is missing from the list).

The Italian tennis player, who had to postpone his return for a week due to an ankle injury, is now prepared to compete on the clay courts of Umag in pursuit of his first ATP title of the 2022 season.

Facts of interest about Jannik Sinner

During an interview with Repubblica, Sinner discussed his personal life and other intriguing topics. The Italian started off by explaining why he got into tennis: “In skiing, if you fall once, that’s it for the day.

A single player in soccer cannot win a game. But in this sport, it’s just you and your opponent, head to head, like a game of chess. It’s imperative that you understand how your opponent thinks. For that reason, tennis exists.

Those who can win despite playing poorly are, in fact, the best tennis players “And he went on to say. Next, a bit of trivia: “It would not have been possible to accomplish this without the help of loved ones. Off the court, I’m just a normal, quiet boy like they raised me to be.

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My favorite things to do are go-karting, barbecuing, and socializing with my pals. Bars and dance clubs? No, I’ve never been in them. I don’t think highly of him. The family taught me to be a good person first and a very good professional second,” he revealed.

“In 2013, I made a concerted effort to increase my reading time by devouring sports books, such as biographies of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lindsey Vonn, and, most recently, LeBron James. In particular, I enjoy it in the evenings, when I often find myself dozing off after dinner “In the end, he said.

“Never joined a disco”: Jannik Sinner reveals more details of private life

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